Item #: SCP-636-GOM "Deletzor"

Class : Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-636 instances are to tracked and removed using avaliable Foundation web crawlers, while any officials capable of deleting websites are to be informed that SCP-636 is a dangerous hacker, the personnel doing this is under the guise of a government offical.

Before websites are deleted by SCP-636, they are to be back upped in the application called Wayback Machine which is able to archive websites, efforts are currently ongoing to naturalize every instances of SCP-636.

Description: SCP-636 is an online entity which takes in form of a specific user. SCP-636 is an entity which is able to remove websites, while it manifests as a normal user, it is able to call any subjects capable of removing websites into removing it.

SCP-636 manifests by the name of "██████████," or on one occasion, "Deletzor." it will appear as a normal site user, the first phase is that, it will appear through any features that enable commenting, often generating short messages. Many people will not take this as suspicious, and will ignore it. However its effects will activate at the second stage.

After the website has grown up, it will activate and will attempt to delete the website. It will post a warning on the website, followed by contacting any subject(s) which are capable of removing the website(s) specified. There is a memetic effect which causes the subjects to believe in SCP-636 and may attempt to delete the website, the reasons may be not accurate for the cause of deletion, or may be not correct at all.

After a period of approximately three (3) days, the website will be removed and there are no ways to retrieve the website, unless by the means of starting from scratch or backupping applications.

SCP-636's symbol appears to be communism, as it is visible from the profile and its avatar. The significance of this is unknown

Addendum: SCP-636 manifested in Site-18-GOM's intranet, and personnel not heard of SCP-636 appears to ignore it. However several personnel has taken note of it and attempt to ban SCP-636 from the intranet, but however after three (3) days, Site-18-GOM's intranet has been instantly locked and not function, this is presumably due to SCP-636 itself.

More caution must be taken for SCP-636, due to that it is able to invade SCP intranet sites. The intranet is successfully recreated, and full backups of logs are now avaliable.